Cyber Security Incident Detection Services

Over the last few years, the complexity and range of ever evolving cyber-attacks have grown rapidly. Conventional computer protection technologies have become less effective, and are no longer able to guarantee the security of a company’s information assets. An effective modern-day defense strategy relies on a Threat Management Platform, which uses innovative security tools managed by specialized resources operating in a framework of structured and contextualized processes.

The NowProtected Security Operations Center (SOC), powered by Certego, is a suite of Cyber Security services that provide clients with expert support during the detection, investigation and response phases of the security incident management process.

Our SOC is outfitted with highly skilled security professionals with long-lasting experience in, both defense and offense, and are equipped with the most recognized Cyber Security certifications in the industry. They work 24/7 to monitor and immediately respond to Cyber Security incidents that may cause harm to your business.

Cyber Threat Management Platform

It takes just a few minutes, if not seconds, for cybercriminals to compromise your systems. After a successful hack, time is of the essence for your security staff to detect the incident and act accordingly to avoid a potential data breach.

Recent data breach investigation reports show that almost 70% of data breaches are discovered weeks, sometimes months, after the initial incident. Furthermore, they are frequently identified by third parties, partners, or worse - by your customers!

To ensure cyber-attacks are detected in the early phases of the cyber kill chain, our Security Operations Center (SOC) rely on NowProtected Cyber Threat Management Platform which gives us the best toolset we need to be prepared to respond quickly and effectively before an incident has a severe impact on your business.

Advanced Threat Protection & Cyber Resilience

The NowProtected Security Operations Center and wizlynx group Cyber Incident & Emergency Breach Response Team give you an end-to-end Incident Response and Threat Intelligence services capabilities for an effective Cyber Resilience

APT Detection

NowProtected sensors detect malicious files and software components, while they might be still unknown to major endpoint protection and antivirus vendors.

Botnet Protection

Thanks to its own Threat Intelligence platform and the anomaly detection functions, NowProtected sensors are able to detect and analyze the presence of bots within the client’s organization.

Advanced Intrusion Detection

With the aim to detect the presence of anomalies in network traffic and active processes, NowProtected sensors use approximately 60,000 correlation rules, which are updated on a daily basis.

Extended Virus Detection

NowProtected sensors capture potentially malicious files (i.e. executable files, PDFs, Office documents, etc.) and analyze them using 50+ Antivirus engines, significantly enhancing any anti-malware function an IT organization may be using already.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Our targeted CTI service hunts down threats that exist in the web and dark web, which are directly targeting your business. This advanced service helps you counter cyberthreats faster by retrieving compromised and leaked sensitive information.

Cyber SWAT

Upon detection of a harmful event, our customer can request onsite support from our Cyber Incident & Emergency Breach Response Team to stop the bleeding, eradicate the threat and put the affected systems back into production in a safe manner.

Did You Know That


of hacking related breaches in 2017 took months or longer to be discovered?

Source: Verizon DBIR 2017

Elite Security Operations Center

Our cyber security detection and incident response services rely on highly skilled security professionals and incident handlers with long-lasting experience, both in defense and offense, and holding the most recognized certifications in the industry.

Having protected fortune 100 customers against all kind of cyber threats and having performed hundreds of security assessments and penetration tests, incident responses, and breach root cause analysis for companies in various sectors, wizlynx is the perfect partner to ensure potential cyber intrusions and breaches are detected before any damages can be made

Cyber Threat Management Platform Features

NowProtected Threat Intelligence Feed

Our Threat Management Platform is constantly fed with up-to-date Intelligence for the detection of any suspicious activity related to Cyber Security incidents thanks to our research team.

NowProtected Security Analytics Cloud

Correlation cloud infrastructure, which collects the alerts detected by sensors, enriches the security information and prioritizes the alerts before sending them to the Security Operation Center.

NowProtected Network Sensors

Integrate different analysis and monitoring tools into a single appliance, which can be deployed with pre-existing technologies, collecting security alerts and events from various sources.

NowProtected Host Sensors

Installed as light software agents on critical clients and servers, enabling our Security Operation Center and SWAT teams to perform Threat Hunting operations.

NowProtected Service Portal

With our NowProtected Service Portal and Mobile Application, our customers are constantly informed about the security status of their systems and network and can monitor the development of cyber threats in real time.

The portal connects our clients directly to the NowProtected Security Operation Center and their incident management procedures (Remediation Proposals) including:

  • Cyber Security Dashboards
  • Early Warning and Intelligence Feeds
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Management
  • Incident Response Procedures
  • Cyber Security Reports

wizlynx group

wizlynx group is an ethical, trustworthy, and vendor agnostic Swiss Cybersecurity provider, whom you can rely on to effectively protect your business and trade secrets against any form of cybercrime, such as malware outbreak, malicious insiders, cyberattacks, cyber espionage, data leakage, and more...

We live and breathe Cybersecurity! For this reason, we have designed a service portfolio that covers the entire risk management lifecycle to ensure our customer benefits the most from our passion and experience, but primarily to maximize their protection. It starts with security assessments, such as:

  • Penetration testing for mobile applications
  • Ethical hacking for mobile applications, web applications, networks, and systems
  • Vulnerability assessments and secure code review

With our Information Security Assessments, we evaluate the IT processes, governance and compliance (GRC), so that an integral security can be succeeded. We also provide design and integration of security products spanning all layers (i.e. network, host, system, and application) for a 360° protection. Finally, we offer managed security services (MSS) and emergency breach response for cybersecurity incidents with our cyber SWAT team.

Our Cybersecurity Services rely on highly skilled security professionals and penetration testers with extensive experience, in both defense and offense, and holding the most recognized certifications in the industry.